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The Crown ha muerto, larga vida a The Crown

The Crown ha muerto, larga vida a The Crown

El 22 de agosto de 1954, los monarcas de toda Europa y sus hijos mayores de quince años se dieron cita en el puerto de Nápoles y embarcaron juntos en el Agamemnon, un crucero que les llevó durante trece días por el mar Egeo y las islas griegas. Eran ciento cuatro pasajeros en total, todos monarcas reinantes, reyes y reinas […]

November 6, 2019, Thailand: A rescued young Sunda pangolin takes his first tentative steps after being released back into the wild in Thailand, in a series of photographs snapped by staff from international conservation charity ZSL (Zoological Society of London). ..The Critically Endangered animal was being illegally kept in cramped conditions and constant darkness by a poacher, before being saved by ZSL staff and local park rangers...Nicknamed Kosin – inspired by the Thai name for the god Indra, celebrated as a friend to humanity - by his rescuers, the puppy-sized youngster, estimated to be under a year old, weighed just 1kg and measured 67-centimetres nose-to-tail...Believed to have been snatched at night by poachers searching for pangolins to sell, experts think Kosin was kept alive as the meat and scales of live pangolins reach a higher price on the black market than those of dead animals...Following his rescue, Kosin was given a thorough health check and despite his ordeal found to be in good condition. After a short period of monitoring he was ready to be returned to the wild...The team from ZSL transported him to a remote, safe place as far away from known poaching hotspots as possible and have been monitoring his release site ever since. They are pleased to report that no poachers have been seen there since his release, giving Kosin the best possible chance of survival...Dr Eileen Larney, ZSL Conservationist said: “It was an extraordinary moment to watch Kosin being released back into the wild and then take his first steps back to the wild, but sadly his story is rare. Our team was able to get to him in time, care for him and return him to the wild. Thanks to the support of our donors and our incredible team he has been given a precious second chance, something many thousands of his species do not get...“A single pangolin is worth up to three months’ wages for rural villagers in Thailand and is considered as valuable as a lottery wi

El corona y la Corona

Tan alarmante o más que la propia pandemia del coronavirus Covid-19 es el hecho de que nunca se hable de su causa última, que no es otra que el especismo: la explotación, el hacinamiento, la tortura y la canibalización masiva de animales no humanos. A pesar de precedentes tan graves como el síndrome de las vacas locas, la gripe aviar […]